Rule revisions for October 2018 will be available soon.

Mojave Magnum 2018 Rule Book Addendum - regarding use of suction cup device mounting - not yet included in the current Rule Book file - published 3/16/18

Mojave Magnum 2018 Rule Book Corrections - rule updates since the previous version 10.10 was published - updated 1/31/18

Mojave Magnum 2018 Rule Book  UPDATED VERSION 10.11  published 1/31/18


Useful Checklists:

These are intended to help you to arrive at the event as prepared as you can be, so there are no surprises during Tech Inspection.  The Car and Bike Preparation Guides are user-versions of what we will be looking for at Tech, in order for you to prepare correctly.  The Racing Tire List shows a few special DOT-legal tires that we allow to be used at speeds above the rating on the sidewall.  The Quick Reference Chart is a compact list of all classes and speeds. 


There are some significant changes to safety equipment requirements for 2018.  Please read these updated guides carefully.

Car Preparation Guide

Bike Preparation Guide

DOT Racing Radial Tire List This is a list of DOT-legal race tires that we give special consideration to.

Mojave Quick Reference Chart 2018