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The various downloads for rules, forms and information found on different pages of the website are grouped here on this page for your convenience.  Check back here often for updated versions.  Recent updates are shown in red.  These are all PDF document files; most modern systems have a PDF reader but if you need one, it is a free download from Adobe.

Entry Forms - We don't accept paper-based or telephone entries.  We are now exclusively using online registration powered by Our registration page will open in a new window and you can complete your entry there.  Each person entering needs to establish a free account where personal and vehicle information can be stored.  This is nice since you won't have to enter it again for every event.  Once you are entered, you can see a list of who else is signed up.  You do need to have an email address to use this system.   Starting in 2018, you must also enter a valid credit card on line to hold your entry spot.


Documents for the October 2018 event will be available at a later date. We have left the April documents here for reference.


Documents specific to our April 2018 Magnum event:

Event Schedule for the April 2018 event updated 3/7/18

Event Rules and Information - for April 2018 - every entrant is responsible for knowing this stuff.   updated 12/17/17

Changes since the last time we raced - for April 2018 - THIS IS IMPORTANT - Many changes!!  updated 1/31/18


Forms and Documents common to all our Mojave events:

Mojave Magnum 2018 Rule Book Addendum - regarding use of suction cup device mounting - not yet included in the current Rule Book file - published 3/16/18

Mojave Magnum 2018 Rule Book Corrections - rule updates since the previous book (version 10.10) was published - updated 1/31/18

Mojave Magnum 2018 Rule Book - the full reference book for our rules, version 10.11 - UPDATED VERSION - published 1/31/18

Quick Reference Chart 2018 - compact list of all classes and speeds - updated 1/31/18

Bike Preparation Guide 2018 - how to prepare to run a motorcycle - updated 12/8/17

Car Preparation Guide 2018 - how to prepare to run a car - updated 3/16/18

MKM Refund Policy for 2018 - our updated policies regarding cancellations and refunds.   updated 12/8/17

2018 DOT Racing Radial Tire List This is a list of the specific DOT-legal race tires that we give special consideration to.  updated 1/31/18

Medical Form - A new Medical Information form and release must be submitted with your entry.  updated 12/8/17

Tire Inspection Form for 2018 - This self-inspection form must be submitted to us for each event, for each vehicle entered.  updated 12/8/17

Emergency Information Form - this needs to be submitted to us as part of your entry for each event.   updated 12/8/17

Sample Waiver Package - this contains sample copies of the waivers and releases you will need to sign to get in. - updated 6/1/16

Mojave Taxiway Marker Light notice Important for everyone to read!   updated 12/8/17

Tire Sidewall explanation (generic)

Policy memo regarding Mojave Speed Club T-shirts

Memo regarding pre-2009 Impact Racing safety products