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The Mojave Magnum

Standing Start Speed Trial racing is one of the hottest forms of racing in the country!


 That’s what we offer at Mojave – standing-start, flat out speed, as fast as you can go in a MILE and a HALF!


Held in conjunction with the Mojave Air and Space Port in Mojave, CA, the Mojave Magnum is the fastest and best venue for Standing Start Speed Trial racing. Mojave features a smooth, 12,500’ runway, with 8/10 of a mile of shutdown distance, the latest in accurate electronic timing equipment, a top-notch staff of experienced professionals and safety response teams, and a huge overnight-secured Paddock area with P.A. system and food. 


The Mojave Magnum is open to both cars and motorcycles. Mark your calendar to attend one of the most exciting racing venues in the country!


April 2018 Mojave Magnum


The April race is in the books. Results and further information will be available soon.  Information regarding upcoming events will also be provided soon.


R.J. Gottlieb in the Big Red Camaro set an all time Mojave Magnum record with an amazing run of 266.2 MPH.  Congratulations R.J.!




New policies for 2018


Please read our 2018 Changes document; it covers all of this stuff and more.   We have changed a lot of things since last time.


Some examples:  For our 2018 events, we no longer have open mix-and-match driving; you must drive the vehicle you sign up with.  One vehicle can have up to two drivers entered.  One person can enter a maximum of two vehicles.  There are no longer any special rules or exemptions for exotics or land-speed vehicles.   All car drivers must now wear a real auto racing (SA type) helmet, not a bike helmet with a head sock.  M2005 and SA2005 helmets are now too old to be used.  Car drivers above 170 MPH must now wear an actual SFI (/1 minimum) fire suit.  To exceed 190 MPH, cars and drivers must have actual race equipment including a /5 fire suit, racing shoes/socks/gloves, a roll bar, full race harnesses with arm restraints, and a HANS type device.  Some speed limits are now higher.


Credit Card now required to place an entry


Effective immediately, a valid credit or debit card will be required to place an online entry into one of our events.  The card will not be charged until we process your entry and assign you an entry spot.  The charge may occur right away, or it may take a couple of weeks, depending on our office work load.





We must restate that our Mojave events are PRIVATE, MEMBERS ONLY and CLOSED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC.  We are not allowed to admit public spectators, and we must keep the number of people inside the gate to a minimum.  To get in the gate, you will have to be a member in good standing of MKM Racing, an MKM staff member, MKM special guest, official/safety person, or preapproved media or vendor. Memberships will be available only to racers, their crew, and a very limited number of guests. Memberships will not be sold to the general public.  We don't (yet) sell annual or lifetime memberships. Racers will purchase temporary (weekend) memberships as part of the event entry process.  Guest/crew memberships can be purchased either at entry or at the event.  You will get a credit for any money you spend on temporary memberships if you do eventually purchase a lifetime membership.


American Express no longer accepted

Effective immediately, we will no longer be accepting American Express cards for payment.  We still accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.





NOTICE - You cannot "just show up" at the track and sign up to race.   All entrants must register online, at least one day prior.  The ONLY WAY to enter our events is online, in advance - you can't send in paper forms, you can't do it on the phone, you can't do it in person. We do not accept "walk-in" entries. The ONLY WAY to enter is to do so online before 8 PM the Thursday before the race.


Rookies (those who have never run with us at Mojave before) must be registered online (no later than 8 PM Thursday before the race) AND they must show up at the track by 7 AM on their first day of racing, so that they can attend the MANDATORY Rookie Roll Call, Morning Briefing and Track Drive.   Please note that having experience elsewhere does not exempt you from Rookie status at Mojave.


It is much better for all concerned if you can get to Mojave on Friday before you intend to race, to check in and go through Tech.  Not arriving until race morning will ALWAYS result in fewer runs for you.


If you haven't already sent them in to us, PLEASE, before you arrive at Mojave, download, print, fill out and bring with you, the Tire, Medical, and Emergency forms.


You need to properly equip yourself and your vehicle.  Here's a couple of quick tips: You can't show up wearing a t-shirt, shorts, sneakers and a $39 helmet and expect to race.  And you can't show up with ten-year-old dry-rotted tires and expect to run, either. Yet, every event, it seems that we encounter that sort of thing.  The most important thing about competing at Mojave isn't going fast, it's going home safe and sound after the event.  That is why we have strict safety rules.  We know, the full Rule Book is a little intimidating, but if you do nothing else, PLEASE read the appropriate Preparation Guide (from our Downloads page) for your type of vehicle and the speed you intend to go. It's only a couple of pages.  Understand what the safety and equipment requirements are for you and your car or bike.  If you arrive at Mojave missing some required items, chances are not very good of you finding any equipment for sale anywhere nearby.  Being well-informed and having the right gear puts you that much ahead of those who just can't be bothered!



Catch us on Facebook!

We have an official Facebook page here; and there is also an unofficial but affiliated Facebook Group here.  Any breaking news or announcements will show up on Facebook first, so check it out!



A WORD TO THE WISE, if you plan to be a "walk-in" or "late arriver" and register at the event itself.  While we don't recommend that you wait that long, if the event does not sell out in advance, we can most likely accommodate you.  HOWEVER, there are some very important things that you can do before you arrive that will save you a LOT of time (possibly an hour or more) when you get there.

ONE - please, please put your entry into our on-line registration system ahead of time, even if it's just the night before.  You don't have to pay online if you don't want to, but we need that entry information.

TWO - download, print and fill out the Tire, Medical, and Emergency forms.

These are things that you are required to do in order to enter the event, and if you have to do them at Mojave it may take quite a while; time that could be spent racing instead!

THREE - PLEASE read the appropriate Preparation Guide (from our Downloads page) for your type of vehicle and speed class.  Understand what the safety and equipment requirements are for you and your car or bike.  If you arrive at Mojave missing some required items, chances are low of you finding anything for sale anywhere nearby.



Signing up for one of our events has never been easier. With our automated on-line registration program, you can complete your registration and make payment in just a few short minutes. No more paper registration forms! Click on the link to get started.



Do you have a great photo of your car or bike you want to show off? Do you have an awesome video of your amazing speed run you want to share, or of your Mojave experiences? We want to host it here for you! Send it to us, and we will link it on our Pictures and Video Page. Click to see some of the stuff we have from past events.


Record Holders

  • R. J. Gottlieb and "Big Red"

    Mojave Magnum Fastest Car  266.2 MPH, April 2018

    Mojave Mile Fastest Car 232.4 mph, April 2014

  • Bill Warner


    Mojave Mile Top Speed Record Holder

    Fastest Motorcycle in one mile, 274.8 mph, Oct. 2011

    RIP Bill, we miss you!