Mojave Magnum Overview:

The Mojave Magnum is technically a "standing-start individual speed trial".  The goal is to see how fast you can go, in your car or on your motorcycle, in 1.5 miles from a standing start.

The track is a section of runway exactly 1.5 miles (7920 feet) in length. Only one vehicle at a time is on the track. Electronic Timing triggered by light beams is used to determine speed. The “speed trap” used to measure speed consists of the last 132 feet of the track. Running order is generally “first come, first served.”  By request of the airport, there are no pre-run or warm-up burnouts allowed, and starting burnouts must be kept to a minimum. Elapsed Time is not measured, only Top Speed. On the way back to the Paddock after each run, each vehicle is required to stop briefly at the timing station and receive its speed slip for the run.

We keep a record of fastest speeds reached, and we have "speed clubs" (200 mph club, 225 mph club, etc.).  These are compiled separately for 1-mile and 1.5-mile track lengths.  We have another speed trap set up at the 1-mile mark and those 1-mile speeds can qualify for our 1-mile records and 1-mile speed clubs.

These are standing-start events. Push-assisted starts, beginning with the car stopped at the starting line, are permitted if you clear it first with us. We would prefer that vehicles leave the pits, start, make their run, and return to the pits under their own power if it is safe to do so; however, vehicles may be towed or pushed to the starting line area and recovered from the finish area if necessary.

Our events operate under a system of graduated speed limits, which are based on the level of safety equipment, tire ratings, and driver/rider experience.  Exceeding your speed limit at any speed trap means that the entire run does not count and won't be scored.


As of October 2016 our Mojave events are private, open only to members in good standing of MKM Racing, basically entrants and a small number of crew/guests. They are closed to the general public.